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Home Staging How To Tips

Springtime is a popular time for homes to go on the market with that being said that means that many more houses you will be competing with. Last March I wrote a blog about the benefits of home staging. Go back and read that blog first to understand how important home staging is to get top dollar and off the market sooner. Now that you understand the importance of home staging let talk about how to accomplish that.

Tips for staging your home:

  1. Store extra furnishings. You want walkways and rooms to look open and airy. Store excess furniture while your house is on the market. You want potential buyers to see there is plenty of room for them in your home. I am not a fan of storage units, but in this situation, it can be beneficial to temporarily rent one to store excess items. Unless you are planning to downsize then it is a good opportunity to start selling things that you are not in love with.

  2. Toss obvious trash, junk mail, excess paper, old catalogs, and newspapers. Toss out old electronics such as old computers, cell phones, appliances. Be sure to erase or destroy the hard drive so personal information is not compromised. If you are in the Bowling Green area there is a Household Hazardous Waste day that will accept these items.

  3. De-clutter closets and cabinets. Potential buyers look everywhere. Go through every closet and cabinet to find items that you can sell or donate. Just like the rooms in your home, you want your closets/cabinets to look spacious. This will also help when it comes to packing.

Store out-of-season clothing. It is always a good selling point when you can make closets appear larger and more organized. Again this will help when it comes to packing, less you have to worry about later.

  1. Pack personal items. Pictures of your family or accolades can distract a potential buyer from looking at the house.  You want them to imagine their family living

there. A neutral background, tasteful artwork, elegant mirrors, and a few colorful accent pillows create an inviting look.

  1. Find storage for books, collections, memorabilia, and photos. If you have a large number of collectibles or books you will want to think about boxing some of these up. Again reducing clutter is key to helping your home sell quickly.

  2. Make modest repairs to fix glaring problems. Patch holes or large marks on the wall.  Clean stains from carpet or rug. Make sure your home doesn’t smell of pets or other unpleasant odors.Remember: No one wants to buy someone else’s dirt.

Refer to our move management services if you would like for us to come help you navigate through this process. We can help make your moving process simple from decluttering, packing to unpacking and getting you organized from the first week in your new home.

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