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We are BACK!

We are so excited to announce that we will be opening back up May 11th! I made the tough decision to postpone our jobs for the safety of our staff and clients. The foundation of Tabulated is family. We wanted to make sure that we put your families and our families health and safety first during all of this. And of course I want to thank the clients that showed us grace and understanding when we had to cancel and/or postpone appointments. Also, thank you to those that have helped support our business by purchasing products and our DIY services. However, we feel that it is safe for us to return back to work with a few modifications. 

So whether you have been home for what feels like forever or had to keep working I am sure you are noticing things in your house that are driving you crazy. We are excited to help you declutter, create systems that stick, or move. However, we are going to do things a little different for the next few months.

What are our temporary changes?

  1. We will be working in teams of 3. I have divided my staff into 2 teams of 3. This will help with cross contamination and reduce the number of people in your home.

  2. That will mean that a job we could normally get done in 1 day may take 2 days. 

  3. We will have longer lead times. I will only be ordering supplies instead of going into stores. We ask that you give us plenty of notice and have some patience. 

  4. Virtual Consultations to minimize going into homes. I may ask that you take some measurements for me, but other than that it will be just like our normal consultation

Safety Remains Top Priority:

  1. Our team will practice social distancing within your home. We will spread out and not work in areas together. 

  2. We will wear masks when we are inside your home. 

  3. We will also use hand sanitizer regularly throughout the job.

  4. If one of the members on our team is sick or their family member is sick, that whole team will have to remain off work for 2 week (one of the reasons I am have 2 separate teams)

We are so excited to be back and working with you. We have missed organizing so much. Be on the lookout for great deals will be offered this summer, this has never happened before so you will want to take advantage of them.

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