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30-45 minute Powerpoint presentation with a 15-30 minute Q&A

Contact me for more details. Hourly rate applies.


Popular Topics

Working with Coffee

Business Productivity

Tabulated strives to help our clients
achieve a work environment that
supports increased efficiency, enhanced profitability, billing, and productivity through organizational solutions and workshops. Work smarter, not harder.

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General Organization

We are trained, skilled specialists who help people create order where it is lacking in their lives so that they can make long-term improvements and keep disorder at bay. Decluttering is rarely as easy as "just throw it out" or "anything you haven't used should go."

Holding Books

Tackling Sentimental Clutter

Many of our possessions
have sentimental value or are connected to a memory. It's common to tuck these items away to preserve those feelings. However, over time, these emotional touchstones can become burdens instead of cherished memories.

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