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Shoe Solutions for every member of your family

When I was a kid we had a no shoes in the house rule. Often when you have this rule the shoes all end up at the garage or front door. My mom constantly stayed on us about not leaving the shoes where someone would trip over them. Well, it finally happened. My mom had to go to urgent care because she tripped over someone’s shoes. Naturally the first question we ask her when she returned home was, “whose shoes was it?” I was more worried about it being my shoes than if she was ok. Thankfully, it was her own pair.

Are you fighting this same battle at your house? The constant game of stepping over shoes or looking for the lost mate. If this sounds like you I have a couple of solutions that may help. Here are some of my favorite shoe organizers and tips.

For the No Shoes in House people:

Keep a bin or a stand by the door to store the shoes you wear majority of the item. We all get two pairs to keep by the door. Decide what that number is for your family. We wear the same couple of pairs 80% of the time. If I wear something different I take them straight to my room. Don’t give yourself too much room to store shoes or you will just have an eyesore at your front door and it will feel cluttered.

Graphite 4-Tier Metal Shoe Rack

For the “I have a shoe for every occasion” person:

Rotate them out by using shoe bins. Put the ones that are in season down low and store the offseason up high with shoe bins. Also, store shoes that you may be keeping for formal events up high all year round. A tip for helping eliminate shoes is to bring down the new season shoes one at a time (swap it out for the out of season shoes) and at the end of the season if you did not wear them then you can let them go.

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Kids shoes:

Keep it simple. You want your kids to be able to put their shoes up. For my four-year-old, we have a bin on her floor that she can easily access. She is old enough to put her shoes up and them out. As for my two-year-old, I am a fan of over the door shoe organizers. It keeps him from pulling his shoes out and separating them around the house. He can still put them up but I usually move them up high so I keep his room tidy.

If you can’t seem to find the right solution for your family, contact us to schedule your consultation.

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