Gift Giving Series: Clutter Free Gifts for Kids

“Too much love never spoils children. Children become spoiled when we substitute presents for presence.” – Anthony Witham

Before my daughter’s first Christmas, Nick and I sat down and said what do we want Christmas to look like. What kind of tradition do we want our kids to come to expect at Christmas? After talking to other parents we decided that we would have a 3 present rule. I joke and say if Jesus got three presents then that is enough for my kids. This ensures that we pick out 3 things they will enjoy a majority, of the year. The 3 Gift Rule also helps manage clutter and keeps them from becoming overstimulated with too many toys to the point they don’t know what to play with.

Also, my friend Megan Davidson had a great idea that their best gift would come from Mom & Dad, not Santa. I want to teach them that Mom and Dad work hard to make Christmas special. Also, when they would go to school their may be friends that did not get lavish gifts from Santa and they could relate by saying Santa brought me a soccer ball as well, instead of an American Girl Doll. This is what we decided and works for us. You have to do what works for your family.