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Preparing for Christmas: Decluttering Toys

Christmas is quickly approaching.

That means lots of new shiny toys/games will be entering your home. And if you are like me, just the idea starts making me anxious.

So how do I prepare for the influx of new stuff?

Plan ahead, start decluttering now. I know you feel like you don’t have an extra second this time of year, but you will be able to enjoy the holidays so much if you take the time now.

Tips for Decluttering Toys:

Decide a time to work- Maybe you want your kids input or maybe it is better done without time. That is up to you. I will say this is a great teaching moment. Organization skills can be taught at an early age.

Ask yourself (or them) a few simple questions: Do you use it or do you love it? When was the last time they played with that toy? Does it work? Does it have all the pieces? Will they play with it after they receive new toys?

Would this toy be a good toy to rotate out?: I have some of our toys put up and we save them for sick days or snow days. It is like  getting a brand new toy again. I know they would still love this toy but don’t play with it often enough to keep it out everyday.

If you want to learn more about toy rotation check out my video on facebook.

Donate, toss, sold or save: Decide if this toy should be given away, tossed, sold or saved. A lot of parents love to save toys for future grandchildren. Only keep toys that can be stored for a long period of time and are timeless.

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