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Gift Giving Series: Clutter Free Gifts for Her & Him

How many times have you caught yourself thinking, “what do you get the person that has everything?” Gift giving can be a challenge. I am very intentional when it comes to gift giving. I don’t want it to be something that gets tucked away in a closet or add clutter. I typically lean toward experiences or consumable. So I thought I would share with you some of my favorite clutter free gift ideas for Her & Him.

For Her

  1. Treat her to a spa day, skin care or nail salon. This is great for those that don’t purchase this for themselves. Locally, I love Heather at Heather Hazel Esthetics. She will have you leaving feeling refreshed and relaxed.

  2. Plan a day or weekend trip. It could be something simple like a hike at Mammoth Cave with a picnic or a bourbon tour. Maybe it is getting away for a few days. I guarantee she will be wowed that you planned a trip for her.

  3. Purchase a Plane Ticket for her to visit a friend or family member.

  4. Take classes or lessons together. Cooking, dancing, art or a sport. This would make great memories and something you all could continue enjoying for months to come.

  5. Schedule a Family Photo Session. We gave this to my mom a few years ago and she loved it. It was a good opportunity for her to get pictures of the whole family.

  6. Gift cards. Does she have a favorite coffee shop or restaurant? No more guilt about splurging when you have gift card.

  7. The Gift of Organization. Buy her a Tabulated Gift Card to us to come help reduce stress and her work load at home.

  8. A Subscription Service. this could be for a wine of the month, audible, gym membership (if she has asked about it). My husband gave me a flower subscription that I loved, for 8 weeks I received a bouquet of flowers.

  9. Beauty products. If she uses products like Beautycounter, Rodan+Fields, Mary Kay, etc you can reach out to her consultant and have them put together a great gift.

  10. Tickets. Take her to see a show, concert, or sporting event.

For Him

  1. Subscription “of the Month.” Beer of the month, bacon of the month, cigar of the month, etc

  2. Lessons. Get him lessons for a hobby he has been wanting to try like music, sports, or art and you can get the supplies to go with it.

  3. Gift Cards. To places he enjoys like sporting stores, golf courses. restaurants, movie theater, etc. 

  4. Plan a trip. This could again be as simple as you have planned a day trip or a long weekend. Maybe he has always wanted to go see his favorite team play or fish for a certain type of fish. He will love this.

  5. Tickets. Take him to see his favorite band, sports team or show.

  6. For the Automotive Enthusiast: a car detail or book the Corvette Experience to take a corvette out on a race track.

If any of these sound like something you would like I would recommend you forwarding this to a partner or family member. My husband and I are very honest about what we want. It makes shopping easy and everyone gets what they want. You can also give them some options and let them pick so you are still surprised. Gift giving doesn’t have to be stressful or overcomplicated.

Happy Shopping!

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