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My Family’s Legacy is an estate organization workbook. It is a place to record all your personal information, investments, insurance, and funeral request to name a few. There are 12 sections in the workbook to ensure that we have given you plenty of information to guide you through estate planning as well as documenting. 

Sections include:
Stories and Letters for the ones I love: This isn’t meant to be sad. Here you can share family recipes or stories about your wedding day.
About Me: Basic information about your spouse, children, others you care for, pets, livestock and of course yourself.
Medical History: This is extremely important in the event you are incapacitated.
Occupational Information: This is the event you need to contact an employer or contact HR claim benefits they company may offer.
Household Information: This documents your personal properties as well as service that my need to be notified or paid.
Funeral & Memorial Arrangements: Planning a funeral or memorial can be difficult, provide your loved ones with information so they know they are honoring you in a way you would love.
Legal Information: You can document where this information can be found as well as a copy of any legal documents.
Insurance: Don’t let life insurance money go unclaimed.
Banking: You can document where you bank, as well as, safety deposit box locations
Retirement & Investments: This is will provide your loved ones with the information to cash in or claim any retirement/ investments you may have had.
Taxes: Keep track of who has done your taxes as well as a copy
Website & Password: No one resetting your password. You can keep track of them here.


My Family's Legacy

SKU: 0002
  • 11.5" x 9.75" x 1"

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