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What to do with all the small pieces that belong to toys?

I think we can all agree that whoever created toys with tons of small pieces obviously was put on earth to punish parents.

We are entering that phase with Barbies and jewelry making kits. I absolutely love that my kids play with their toys but finding a way to store those small pieces can be a challenge. Here are some different options:

The Pencil Pouch:

We just pencil pouches from the Dollar tree to store lots of toys around our house. From puzzles with broken boxes (cut the image off the box) to car activities to barbie accessories. They will hold up longer than a ziplock bag and you can still see in the pouch.

Pull out drawers:

Pull out drawers are a great option for legos. You can stack the drawers to save space. I love house Making Home Base put dividers in for LOL dolls and the accessories.

Totes with Inserts:

These can be great for craft kits, lego sets, or activities that need to be kept together. The Smart Store totes from The Container store are some of my favorites.

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