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Top 5 Tips for Decluttering

Next week is the first day of Spring and I have the spring cleaning bug. I am looking forward to putting up the winter coats and getting out shorts. For many people cleaning out a space can seem overwhelming and time consuming. In actuality, it can be very rewarding and freeing.  I have listed a few tip to help with decluttering, as well as my most recent decluttering project.

1. Put it on the Calendar

Put a day and a block of time you plan to focus on certain area. If you don’t give a goal a day and time it won’t get it done.

2. Get the whole family involved

Let your kids decide what they don’t play with anymore. Maybe ask them which of these toys are not your favorite. When everyone is involved it makes it easier for the item to return to the correct place.

3. Don’t be afraid to make a mess

Pull everything out of the closet or drawer. This will allow you to see the space you are working with and sort through all your things.

4. Use it, Love it, Toss it Rule

Ask yourself, “do I use it?” If the answer is no, then ask yourself, “do I love it?” Again if the answer is no, then toss it.

5. Give everything a home

Assigning an item to a space on the shelf or in a bin allows it to have a home to go to when you are putting it way after each use and the items can be found later.

For example the hall closet could be used for guest linen, towels and extra toiletries or an activity closet (games, crafts, etc), do not try to make all those things go in that closet.  See Shop our favorites to find my favorite organizing supplies.

My most recent decluttering project

This is my daughter’s play area that desperately needed organization. After Christmas she had so many new toys that needed to be assigned a home. By going vertical I was able to get toys off the floor, and provided her more room to play.

We added the shelf, bins (on clearance), labels and bookends. Totaling $100 in new supplies and a hour to pull everything out, sort and put back.

Comment below on which area of your home you want to declutter this spring?

Do great things today!

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