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Tips to Make Your Next Vacation Go a Little Smoother

Traveling with kids is challenging. Trying to pack everything you need while you are on vacation and for the car ride. Let me share a few of my favorite tricks to make your next vacation go a little smoother.

FIRST: of all, stock up on these sweater containers. I use them for everything. They stack neatly. You can find things quickly. I line these up on my dining room table and label them. Here is a list of ways I use these containers for packing for vacation:

  1. Toys for the car

  2. Snacks for the car

  3. Food for when we get to the condo to tie us over until I can get to the grocery.

  4. Change of clothes for the car, trashbag, and wipes

  5. Toys for the condo

  6. Sippy cups, medicine, vitamins, shampoo/soaps, diaper, wipes

  7. Beach items: hats, sunscreen, magazine, books, swim diapers

SECOND: Take some time to plan activities for the kids. I load up at the dollar tree with stickers, piper cleaners, coloring activities, etc. I keep some for the ride home so they have something to look forward to.

My favorite is the small baking sheets and magnetic round containers from the dollar tree. It fits in the kiddos lap well. They can use to to color on, play with magnets, and a food tray. The round containers are perfect for storing crayons, beads for making crafts, legos and it sticks to the tray.

For older kids check out IHeart Organizing, she has lots of free road trip games you can print.

THIRD: Utilize grocery pickup services. Take advantage of that time in the car and order your groceries. That way you can get to having fun sooner and you stick to your budget.

FOURTH: Lastly use our free packing checklist to make sure you have packed what you need and not over packed. We also have a blog on packing if you want to learn more.

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