Spring Break: Organization Tips for Traveling

Planning to travel for Spring break? Or maybe you are like me and just dreaming about your vacation later in the year. Either way I want to make sure your vacation gets off to the right start. Being organizedand having a plan is the best way to do that.

Here are a few tips to make your next vacation go a little smoother.

1. Use a packing checklist- Knowing you have everything packed will give you a peace of mind.

Check out my Freebies for a travel checklist.

Travel Checklist picture

2. Pack light- Often we never need as much as we pack. That is why on the checklist I have it broke out by outfits not shirts, pant, etc. When I  coordinate and outfit I often pack less. I also recommend putting each outfit in a ziplock bag and label it with child’s name and the day you plan to have them wear the outfit.

3. Utilize Travel Organizers- There are lots of different kinds of storage ideas o