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Spring Break: Organization Tips for Traveling

Planning to travel for Spring break? Or maybe you are like me and just dreaming about your vacation later in the year. Either way I want to make sure your vacation gets off to the right start. Being organizedand having a plan is the best way to do that.

Here are a few tips to make your next vacation go a little smoother.

1. Use a packing checklist- Knowing you have everything packed will give you a peace of mind.

Check out my Freebies for a travel checklist.

Travel Checklist picture

2. Pack light- Often we never need as much as we pack. That is why on the checklist I have it broke out by outfits not shirts, pant, etc. When I  coordinate and outfit I often pack less. I also recommend putting each outfit in a ziplock bag and label it with child’s name and the day you plan to have them wear the outfit.

3. Utilize Travel Organizers- There are lots of different kinds of storage ideas out there to keep the car organized. 


4. Plan ahead travel activities for kids- Keeping the kiddos entertained will make the trip so much more enjoyable. Here are some fun ideas. Books on audio are a must for us when it comes to long road trips.

No More are we there yet?

Surprise your kids with something new each hour to help pass the time in the car!

You can find the link here

Travel Bingo

You can find the link here

Make your Own Travel Binder


You can find the link here

5. Lastly Enjoy your vacation- You have worked hard and deserve to have some fun!

Comment below on your travel tricks to stay organized.

Do great things today!

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