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Simple Tricks to Get Organized for the Holidays

Gift Wrapping:

You are ready to wrap gifts and realize you have three bags of bows but no wrapping paper.

Before you start buying, wrapping, decorating, cooking, take inventory of what you do have on hand (includes decorations, wrapping paper, and holiday cooking supplies). This way, before you head to the store, you’ll know exactly what you have on hand, and won’t make the mistake of buying more than you need.


Christmas Cards:

Get a container for each year and apply the 80/20 rule to your holiday card photo archive. Keep those from close family members and friends…and recycle the ones from your dentist!


Time Savers:

Would you rather visit the dentist or untangle that ball of Christmas lights?

Do yourself a favor and buy tons of containers…and then actually use them. They will prove invaluable when it comes to packing up all that holiday décor. Don’t forget when you are taking down lights or wrapping up ornaments to take a little bit of extra time now to do it right so that it’ll be easier next year!

Apply limits to your time and efforts.

This means, when you are looking for gifts for your kids’ teachers, ask yourself, is it really worth driving to five different stores looking for the perfect purple ornament?


The Tabulated team does not want you wasting time, energy and space this holiday season. We want you to enjoy the season, spend time with those you love, doing what you love!

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