Our sweet Merritt turned THREE

Our sweet Merritt turned THREE! I feel like this year she had developmentally grown the most. She can have a full conversation, she has become very independent and is really starting to let her big personality shine. I am loving this age!

If you have been around Merritt in the last couple of months you know that the one thing on her mind has been her birthday party. Before I had it planned she was already talking about it. She is the youngest in her class, and after celebrating all her friends she couldn’t wait to celebrate hers.

I decided to take a chance with the weather and reserve a pavilion at the park. The park is her favorite place, it only seemed fitting to have it there. Also, this was the first year we did not have a family birthday and went with a friends birthday party. I wanted a place for the kids to run and play. We lucked up with the most beautiful weather and had a fun-filled day.

I wanted to share with you all some of the details from the party. I kept it very simple since we were throwing two parties a week apart.