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Organize your cleaning Supplies

Is anyone else getting into the spring-cleaning mood? This time of year, I start purging and wanting too deep clean. So often when we organize, we find so many cleaning products. Duplicates, ones you didn't like, or almost empty bottles. Before you start deep cleaning start by organizing your cleaning supplies.

Supplies you will need:

  • Trash bags

  • Recycling bin

  • Dust cloth

  • Caddy

Time to get to work:

Assess & Plan

Allocate some time you can start and complete this project. This should be a simple project to complete without having to stop. So, it is important to have supplies on hand.

Quick Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Do I use this cleaner?

  2. Is there enough left to complete a task?

  3. Do you have duplicates that can be consolidated?

Empty, Sort & Declutter

Gather all your cleaning supplies, including rags, from around the house. Start sorting them by where they are used. In this process as yourself the assessment questions and start pairing down.

Contain & Label

I recommend that you only keep what you can fit in a caddy. Find a couple of your favorite and stick to those. I also love to have the refill bottles to keep from having lots of bottles of cleaners around with a little bit left.

Examples of storage:

  • Caddy

  • Tub

  • Small Containers

I also recommend keeping a bin by the cleaning caddy of cleaning cloths and mop cloths.

If you make your own cleaners label your bottles and tape the recipe on the bottle.

Tips for spring cleaning

Cleaning Tips:

  • Store your sheets in a pillowcase it makes the linen closet look tidy and keeps your set together. Watch my video on how to fold a fitted sheet.

  • Keep a tote in the bottom of the closet for clothes that no longer fit or are out of season. This is especially great in the closet with younger kiddos

  • Do a load of laundry every day.

  • Wipe down counters every night and run the dishwasher while you sleep even if it is not completely full.

    • Unload the dishes in the morning before you leave.

  • Go around the house every night with a laundry basket and pick up anything out of place and put it where it belongs. Maintenance is key.

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