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Office Transformation

This office turned out even better than we had planned. I am going to walk you through the project. This client contacted me because her business was growing and her husband was now also working from home. They felt like they were not utilizing their house well.

We started by understanding what they needed to be stored and organized better. Once we had a good idea we got to work designing closets and picking out furniture. After a lot of back and forth due to lots of backorders, we found the matching desk, a bookshelf, and this peg board.

We decided to move the office downstairs to the playroom and move the playroom upstairs. Here is what the office looked like before. The above picture is what that room looked like before.

Next, I converted 2 of the closets to be used for inventory and shipping material. Adding custom Elfa Shelving gave us exactly what we needed to utilize the space.

The island is my favorite addition to the office. We built this on sight. I used 2 Ikea Kallax cube organizers for the base. For the top, I used the Melamine board from Home Depot. They cut it for me. I added a griped shelf liner under the board so it would not move around. Lastly, we finished it off with melamine tape.

The last addition my client found and it was perfect for storing her thread. These acrylic shelves looked so good!

We are so please with this transformation and I know the client is too!

*Please note some of the links are affiliate links, meaning I may be receive commission for using the links.

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