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My Kids Favorite Toys (5 Years & under)

How to buy toys that don't turn into clutter?

Buying toys can be hard, especially these days when I feel like most kids have more than they need. So I thought I would share with you all how I buy toys for my kids.

I am very intentional about what comes in out house. For example, I make Amazon wish list and send it to our family for Christmas. This keeps us from getting duplicates, controlling what comes in, and our family loves it because it makes shopping easy.

So when it comes to picking out toys I try to find things that will grow with them. Ones that require imagination and creativity. This will keep them from getting board with their toys. Below I will share some of their most popular toys that we have played with for years.

I also try to avoid toys that require batteries. The batteries run out and I do not replace them, so then the toy is no longer played with. You will see all of my kids favorites do not require batteries (the camera is rechargeable).

Of course we have some of the trendy toys like Paw Patrol or Disney princess, but those are the least played with toys. Try to keep from only purchasing those kinds of toys this Christmas season.

My best advise is to not go crazy buying toys because your kids said they like it, but instead think about your child, what keeps their interest, and if they will play with it more than one season.

In no particular order…

These have been my kids favorite toys. My oldest if 5 so that is all I have to base this on.

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I love this one because it is a great rainy day activity. The fort connects to a box fans to make a large fort (an adult and 2 kids can fit in it) and then folds up into a small bag for easy storage.

These are so fun for all ages. We make castles to tracks for cars. It is so fun to see what kind of things my kids come up with. We took them to practice this past week to let the siblings play with while they waited and all the kids love them.

This is another one that both of my kids will play with together or I will get them out while I am cooking dinner to keep them distracted. We are plan to add to our collection this year because we love these so much.

The camera is great for when we go on walks or long car rides. The kids love using the camera and it is fun to see what they take pictures of.

We bought these from Merritt's first Christmas (she was 9 months) and they are still out and played with. They have held up great and the kids have climbed, crawled and stacked.

This thing is large and takes up a lot of room but the best money we have ever spent. My kids play on it almost daily and have for a year. I wish I would have found these when they were younger.

This was gifted to us when Merritt was a baby. Clay Thomas still play on this at 3 years old. He loves riding it around.

Easy Dress Up

Both of these my kids can take on and off themselves, so that is a win in my book. They love dressing up and these great.

Out of all the play-doh kits we have has this was by far the favorite. We literally wore it out from play with it so much that I had to toss it.

I hope you all find this helpful. Remember to be intentional about what you bring in your home.

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