My Kids Favorite Toys (5 Years & under)

How to buy toys that don't turn into clutter?

Buying toys can be hard, especially these days when I feel like most kids have more than they need. So I thought I would share with you all how I buy toys for my kids.

I am very intentional about what comes in out house. For example, I make Amazon wish list and send it to our family for Christmas. This keeps us from getting duplicates, controlling what comes in, and our family loves it because it makes shopping easy.

So when it comes to picking out toys I try to find things that will grow with them. Ones that require imagination and creativity. This will keep them from getting board with their toys. Below I will share some of their most popular toys that we have played with for years.

I also try to avoid toys that require batteries. The batteries run out and I do not replace them, so then the toy is no longer played with. You will see all of my kids favorites do not require batteries (the camera is rechargeable).

Of course we have some of the trendy toys like Paw Patrol or Disney princess, but those are the least played with toys. Try to keep fr