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My Family’s Legacy

Hello! Today is the day that I get to share with you something I have been working on for almost 2 years. I feel like the word excited doesn’t adequately express how I feel right now. I am excited because this product is something that everyone from young professional to retirees need.

Let me introduce you to My Family’s Legacy!!!

What is My Family’s Legacy?

It is an estate organization workbook. It is a place to record all your personal information, investments, insurance, and funeral request to name a few. There are 12 sections in the workbook to ensure that we have given you plenty of information to guide you through estate planning as well as documenting. Here is a high level overview of the workbook:

Sections include: Stories and Letters for the ones I love: This isn’t meant to be sad. Here you can share family recipes or stories about your wedding day. About Me: Basic information about your spouse, children, others you care for, pets, livestock and of course yourself. Medical History: This is extremely important in the event you are incapacitated. Occupational Information: This is the event you need to contact an employer or contact HR claim benefits they company may offer. Household Information- This documents your personal properties as well as service that my need to be notified or paid. Funeral & Memorial Arrangements: Planning a funeral or memorial can be difficult, provide your loved ones with information so they know they are honoring you in a way you would love. Legal Information: You can document where this information can be found as well as a copy of any legal documents. Insurance: Don’t let life insurance money go unclaimed. Banking: You can document where you bank, as well as, safety deposit box locations Retirement & Investments: This is will provide your loved ones with the information to cash in or claim any retirement/ investments you may have had. Taxes: Keep track of who has done your taxes as well as a copy Website & Password: No one resetting your password. You can keep track of them here.

As a  Professional Organizer why did I create My Family’s Legacy?

There is a side to Tabulated that most of you don’t see on Facebook or Instagram. What you see the pretty after pictures but what you don’t see that client that we have been working with to get that picture. That client has lost a spouse or parent. And with that loss their world turned upside down. We work often with clients that are grieving the loss of a spouse, a parent or a loved one. The loved one is spending their time looking for paperwork to file life insurance,  transfer documents, and deal with probate, when they should just be focused on grieving and honoring their loved on. 

I don’t want to see others go through that, so I have created and estate organization workbook that would allow your loved ones to easily find what they are looking for as well as we have included an executor checklist to walk your through the process of handling someone’s estate. This workbook is a Gift of Love. It is not a sad thing is the best gift you can give your loved ones.

Why this product is amazing!

  1. It has been vetted by other professionals, such as a lawyer, financial advisor and funeral director.

  2. The workbook comes printed in a sturdy 3 ring binder so that you can add copies of important documents and keep everything in one place. It can evolve as your life changes.

  3. This is a gift of love, so that your loved ones can focus on grieving and celebrating your life rather than details of your loss. 

  4. It is an affordable way to document your estate. Their are other options out there that can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. 

  5. Keeps all your estate in one place. No more searching and guessing where it might be.

How do you get your workbook?

Click on the link below to pre order now. My Family’s Legacy workbooks will be ready the second week of December. With the pre-order you will get your family’s last name personalized on the front cover of the workbook for FREE. Pre-order customers will also have a pick up day for those of you in the Bowling Green area (Use Coupon Code: PICKUP2020). This is the only time we will offer free pick up. If you are not local you can have it shipped. We will only be taking pre-orders until November 10. OFFER HAS EXPIRED. 

Tune in this week for videos on Facebook and Instagram as I walk you through the workbook and interview other professionals on why they love this product.

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