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Merritt’s 2nd Birthday Party!

I can’t believe our smart, energetic, sweet Merritt is 2 years old today. The last two years have been amazing. I love watching her grow and learn new things every day. She has taught us so much in the last two years as parents and husband/wife. So to celebrate our sweet girl we hosted a small birthday party with our family and a couple of friends.

Merritt’s birthday is 4 days before Clay Thomas’s due date so we decided to have her party a few weeks early in case our little man decided to make an early appearance. I chose to go with an ice cream theme birthday since Merritt doesn’t have a preference yet on party themes. All she really cares about is sweets and balloons. And selfishly hosting a party at 37 weeks pregnant I wanted to keep it pretty simple and small.


I set up a sundae bar where everyone could make their own sweet treat. I pre-froze the scoops of ice cream to make serving simple and quick. Which is helpful when you have kiddos excited about eating ice cream. All the decorations either came from the dollar section at Target or the Dollar Tree. And for the flowers, they came from our yard.

For her cake, I made cupcakes that looked like ice cream cones. They were a huge hit. These were super simple to make and went perfectly with the theme.

I didn’t plan any special activities this year during the party. I just let the kids plan and run off the ice cream.

All in all, it was definitely a Sundae Funday!

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