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It’s more than a Pretty Pantry

I love a pretty pantry! The pantry can be a place in your home that you enjoy. A pretty pantry might even inspire you to cook more (might?). But really there is so much more that goes into setting up a beautiful pantry besides just adding pretty bins and labels.

We develop a system that is specific to each customer’s needs. For this customer, they have 2 small children and a crazy schedule. Before we even started tackling the pantry I provided the client with a design to make sure it was the look she wanted. This is where the consultation comes in. I asked them a series of questions that would give me a good understanding of their family and their day to day life. I had worked with this particular client before so I was able to start designing quickly. 

So for this pantry, my focus was easy to access for kiddos, simple to maintain and of course to be pretty.

I put all the healthy snacks low for kids. This mom wants the kids to be able to pack their own lunch during the school year so we put everything they need close together.

As you can see we put things that are used less often or  that the kids need limited access to, up high. 

At the very tip top, we put some sweets for the kids that you would typically not want your kids having free reign to. 

Products used in this pantry :

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