How to “Summerize” Your House

I went to Target last week and they were already putting up the summer section. I was completely surprised by this, mostly because we haven’t gotten to the summer mode at our house yet. With a crazy spring, I feel like I still trying to figure all this “new normal” out and having a hard time keeping up with the change in season. Some of that is due to us being home more and also not in stores to shop for fun new summer decorations, and then I heard Naptime Kitchen talk about getting her house ready for summer. I was intrigued by this idea. We are outside all day or at the pool and I feel like we just use the inside of our house for the drop zone.  So this weekend I am going to set up our house for summer. 

What does my version of “summerizing” your house look like? Well, to be honest, this is the first time I have attempted this but