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How to avoid getting overwhelmed

Last week I shared with you a study that showed the impact clutter has on your joy. So now you may be ready to tackle that clutter but I want to stop you before you get too far into your organization project. Often where we see people fail is trying to take on too much at once. They get overwhelmed or have taken on too large of a project.

Let’s talk about the Do’s and Don’ts

to starting an organization project.



Do: Plan

Take the time to plan your project.

  1. Pick a time that you can work uninterrupted.

  2. Have your supplies ready

  3. Know what you are going to do with items you no longer want.

(Check out our donation reference if you are local)

Don’t: Take on a whole room

Start small and build up to the big projects. You wouldn’t walk out your door and run half marathon without training. You build up to it. Organizing is the same way.

Do: Focus on one small area at a time

Focus on a drawer, pile or section. The satisfaction of completing a project will keep you motivated.

Don’t: Pull everything out of a closet or room

I know Marie Kondo recommends dumping everything from your closet in a pile, but I advise against that. Often you don’t have days to work on a project. So what happens is you are left with a bigger mess than when you started.

Do: Haul stuff off immediately

Box up your donated items up immediately and load them in your car. Otherwise, you will keep moving the boxes around or you may be tempted to start pulling items back out. Getting it out of the house will make you feel like you can breathe.

Don’t: Compare yourself to others

Go at your own pace and be proud of the work you accomplished. Don’t let the pictures on Instagram or Pinterest minimize the work you are doing. Progress, not perfection!

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