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Decluttering the Tech in Your Life

I don’t know if it is the overload of ads from Christmas or just being the start of a new year but I am finding myself wanting to declutter my phone, email, social media, and computer. So often we forget about decluttering the tech gadgets but oddly enough we spend the majority of our day one it. Here are a few tips on how to declutter your tech devices.


Unsubscribe, unsubscribe, unsubscribe! Unless you find yourself opening emails on a regular basis from a business you don’t need to be receiving them. Emails should be adding value and helpful, not causing you to waste time filtering through them. I love to use an app called Unroll Me. It is very simple to use and it is FREE! When you have a few minutes waiting for a grocery pickup, at a doctor’s office or in a car rider line. Open the app and start swiping to unsubscribe. I like to set a reminder on my phone to do it once a quarter.


Go through your apps and delete any that you are not using. It is wasting storage on your phone and getting in the way. I also like to organize my apps by color. I keep the ones I use most often out of a folder but the rest goes into a folder based on the color of the app. You can also categorize them by what they are used for. I also like to only have 1 page and everything fits on the home page.


Go through and delete old contacts that you don’t need anymore. If you scrolled through the list I bet you will be very surprised by some of the contacts you still have in there. Same goes for text. Archive or delete old text that does not have an active conversation going on. I do like to make sure there are not any pictures I need to save before deleting.

Social Media:

Unfollow accounts that don’t bring you joy or inspire you. If you find yourself scrolling and not engaging then it may not be something you are interested in. The best part of social media is being social. Enter act with the accounts you love to follow and drop the rest.


Clean up that desktop. Delete files that you saved on a whim or file the ones that are worth keeping. Next time you are on a conference call take a few minutes and clean it up. 

Happy Decluttering!

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