Declutter, Organize & Move to Utah

Hello! It has been too long since I have made a blog post. We have lots of new and exciting things going on at Tabulated and with my family that I need to update you all on. But today I want to share with you all about our trip to Utah. We have gotten so many questions about it.

So here we go!

This client had reached out to me about wanting help with decluttering before they moved. Being a coach’s wife she is no stranger to moving and knew she did not want to take stuff with her across the country that she no longer needed or wanted.

When I went for our consultation I mentioned to her that we could help her move as well. Unlike most moving companies we don’t pack junk. We strive to make the moving process on our customers as painless as possible. As I told her, we are mommas and understand that we need to make this move as easy as possible, so we DO NOT just toss stuff in a box and wish her the best.

So off to work we went. First, we took a day to declutter and reorganized holiday decor and other things that had gotten disorganized in previous moves. A couple of weeks later they were ready to head to Utah. So our team packed their house for The Fireman Moving Company to load the trucks and hit the road.