Creating a routine

I find that when I am really busy I manage my time better. Something about knowing I don’t have extra time to spare motivates me to use my time better. Confession time… I have struggled getting in a good groove the last few weeks. I think part of it is due to not wanting to (I don’t like the new normal) and the other part is me just struggling to work, teach preschool, clean, cook 3 meals a day, and still make time to play with my kids. My husband’s job is considered essential so it has primarily just been me and the kiddos at home during the week.

So I am slowly getting into a new routine but it could definitely get better. Each week my goal is to try to perfect it a little better until I can get in a good rhythm that allows me to take care of myself, work, take care of my family, and not feel absolutely exhausted. 

You may be like me and struggling to find a good groove in this weird situa