Create a Filing System that Last

Do you find that you have stacks of paper collecting around the house? Paper organization can be a tedious process that is easy to put off. Once you have a good system in place it will only take a couple of minutes a day to stay organized.

What you needs to start a good filing system

File Storage

Hanging file folders- I prefer the 5 color folder

Label Maker or Printer

File Folders (depending on the file system you use)

1. Sort Papers

Start by going through your stacks of paper and decide what you need to keep, recycle and shredded. I typically toss a lot more than I keep, no surprise there. Deciding what to keep and what can go can be challenging sometimes. I have provided a few resources to help make those decision a little easier. Below is a list of things you can easily toss. If you still have more questions on what to keep and how long, I would recommend using this link as a guide from Dave Ramsey.