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Create a Donation Station in your home

You all have worked so hard during the January Challenge to get your house clutter-free and feel like you have it under control. So what now?

Of course, you don’t want to let it get back to the way it was. Maintenance is going to be your best friend this year. One simple way to maintain order in your home is by having a donation station.

What is a donation station? It is a bin or box that you keep in your house or garage. When it gets full you drop it off. 

We always have a donation box in our house. As I pick up the house or put laundry away we find items that I have not used in a long time or no longer enjoy I place it in the box. It keeps the clutter under control and my kids see us getting rid of things. They don’t freak out when we get rid of toys because is a normal practice in our house. 

Since I have little ones that outgrow clothing quickly I keep one in each of their closets as well. I am constantly putting clothes in there. It makes it much easier to keep the closets cleaned out and ready for consignment.

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