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Confessions of a Tired Mom #3: Judy Dilamarter

I am a mom and a grandmother who is 84 years of age. I also fall into that high-risk category of being elderly and having chronic health issues. My husband died thirty-two years ago, so I’m used to living alone. When we were told to self-quarantine, I thought to myself, I can do this. Little did I know how long this would go on and I began to wonder if I would ever again experience my church as it used to be. I’m grieving the loss of face to face fellowship as Broadway has been a huge part of my life for over fifty years.

Following my husband’s death, I would ask “where are you, God? I don’t feel you.” Later, as I looked back on it I became aware of all the friends He sent to care for me, the letters and phone calls, the visits. God was there all the time. So, during this present time, this pandemic, I remember. I learned that God is there even when I don’t feel Him.

When I have moments of feeling alone, I get a phone call, a kind deed, a helping hand and I remember. I have learned to Zoom, to order groceries online, etc. During this time, technology is a huge blessing. Finding ways to be in ministry is challenging but possible.

I don’t know how long this will go on ( the pandemic) but I know it’s an opportunity for spiritual growth and I know that God is always near.

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