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Clutter-Free Easter Basket Ideas

I love a good Easter basket BUT I also know it is an easy way to add more clutter to your home. Your Easter basket doesn't have to be full of junk but good reusable items.

So, every year I put items in my kids' basket that they will need for the coming months. It may be a swimsuit or sandals. I will add some items to replace outside toys that got banged up last spring and summer. I am sharing some of my favorite items for baskets.

Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers and Kids

Swimsuits: This is an item by kids need each year and are excited about because they have been itching to play in the water. Blue swimsuit link, Yellow Swimsuit Link, Blue Swim Trunks link here , and Allegator Swim Trunks.

Sandals: Again, this is something my kids need every year and are excited to have because it means we are getting closer to warm weather. Boy shoe link here and Girl's shoe link here

Hats: They outgrow hats when they are little, so I like to get them a new one every couple of years.

Check out these cute ones on Etsy. Letter Hat and Embroider Hat.

Water Toys: These take a lot of wear and tear each season so I usually toss the rough-looking ones when I put the summer items up for winter. I always add water balloons because we can't have enough of them. Other ideas are water blaster, diving toys, goggles, and pool floats.

Outside Toys: Again, these usually don't make it more than one season. Just make sure you toss the old so you don't end up with lots of junk in your outside play area. A few ideas are chalk, kites (another cute one here), jump rope.

Travel Toys: If you know you will be taking some road trips this summer go ahead and add some car activities that you can use later. Travel Hangman, On the Go Secret Decoder, License plate game, Water Wow!, and Mess-Free Coloring

Craft Supplies: This is a great opportunity to freshen up the craft supplies. Toss out broken crayons, dried-up markers, or old playdoh.

Bath Toys: These get so gross. I recommend changing out bath toys often or putting them in the dishwasher on the regular. Most of our bath toys are items from the kitchen section at the dollar tree like measuring spoons, measuring cups, etc. Here are some new bath toys you could add to the basket or my kid's favorite, bath paint!

For the older kids, Easter Baskets can be tricky. I recommend buying them one nice thing and filling in the rest with some of their favorite snacks/treats, hair accessories, or bath bombs.

This could be something they need for an upcoming sport or vacation, maybe even summer camp. Think ahead and use this as an opportunity to save yourself some money. Don't fill their basket with stuff they don't need and still have to end up buying items later on.

Tell me about your Easter Traditions...

We put our baskets outside on our front porch and then the next morning the kids open the front door and there is a basket full of fun activities and things they need for the coming months. Share with me your Easter tradition or what you put in your basket.

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