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Clay Thomas’s Birthday was a Hole in ONE!

Where did the last year go? I now know what people mean when they say time keeps getting faster. Merritt’s first year did not go by as quick as Clay Thomas’s did. So here we are with a ONE-year-old. How he has brought us so much joy and exhaustion. He is the busiest little boy, who is always on a mission. He loves his sister like crazy and has serious FOMO (fear of missing out). Clay Thomas rocked our world in the best way possible this last year so it was time to celebrate!

Since I was planning two birthdays back to back weekend I also kept his simple. We did a Master’s theme party as we did for Merritt’s 1st birthday. However, with Clay Thomas we kept it to just family since all our friend’s kids are older I wanted him to be the focus of attention.

Here is his invitation I designed on my computer:

We kept the food simple (some that you would see at the Masters) with:

  1. Pimento Cheese Sandwiches

  2. Potato “chip shot”

  3. Watermelon “Slice”

  4. “Wedge” Salad

  5. “Ball Markers” Chocolate Chips

  6. “Get in the cup”cakes

  7. “Watering” Hole for the kids

  8. “19th Hole” for the adults

  9. The smash cake was made by The Cake Shop

For the decorations: I made little flags & place cards to match the invitations and bought fabric at Hobby Lobby for the high chair and napkins. I used my subscription service from Starry Fields Farm for the centerpiece.

And Clay Thomas spent his party doing what he loves best, playing outside; while the adults watched the Masters.

The party was a Hole in One!

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