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Clay Thomas’s Birth Story

Well after 40 weeks and 2 days our sweet baby boy made his arrival. If you are like me I love to hear people birth stories so I thought I would share with you mine.


Let me start by saying this was a great pregnancy. I felt wonderful pretty much the entire time. I don’t know if it was due to having a boy or if it was having a much more active job during this pregnancy. With that being said our little guy was very content and had no desire to come out. Weeks 37-39 I was only 1cm, by the time my 40-week appointment rolled around I was barely at 2cm (I think my doctor told me 2 just to make me feel better). Regardless, I had really wanted him to come on his own but knew that was not going to happen anytime soon. So my doctor decided to schedule an induction. I had to do the 2 part induction where I went in the night before to take a pill every couple of hours to thin my cervix before I could even get the pitocin to really start the labor process. Seriously, I had not progressed at all, uh.

Anyways, I left my appointment knowing that I had to be at the hospital the next night by 5 pm. So we took Merritt out to dinner for our last outing as a family of three. The next day I spent the day cleaning the house, changing sheets and tossing out leftovers; stuff I didn’t want to come back to. Nick and I picked up Merritt and took her to my Mom’s that afternoon, then it was off to dinner before we had to check in.

We arrived at the hospital and got the process started. The plan was to take a pill every 3 hours until the next morning then I would switch to Pitocin. Around 2 am I started having strong contraction after a couple of hours of contractions the nurse wanted to see how far along I was. Unfortunately, I was only at 3cm. We were prepared for a long next day. At 10:30 am I started pitocin and got an epidural. After that things started moving very quickly. By 2 pm I could feel I was getting close and my epidural was no longer working. By 3:30 they were getting the room set up and after a couple sets of pushes, I was holding our sweet boy.

Clayton Thomas Trabue was born at 4:38 pm. He weighed 8.3lb and 20” longs. He is absolutely perfect.

Thank you to Photography by Billie Jean for the amazing birth pictures.

The transition to 2 kiddos has been gone much better than I expected. It is true what they say, your heart doubles when you have another. Here are some the newborn pictures.

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