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Car Organization

One of the most asked questions I get is “how do I organize my car”? I will be honest this is one area I struggle with the most. It is so difficult to keep your car organized, especially if you have kiddos. They love to bring stuff in the car but when we get back home their arms are no longer working to pack it back inside. Here are a few of my tips for keeping your car organized:

How to keep your car organized

Clean it out every week. 

Take everything out and decide if it is trash, car item or needs to go back in the house. As I pull everything out I have a trash bag in my hand and a tote on the ground for the items that go back inside. 

Things I keep in my car. 


Baby wipes

Bottle water

First aid kit


Sunscreen & bug spray in the summer

2. Put the items from the car away immediately in the house. Don’t let the car mess overflow into the house.

3. If your kids are older and can put stuff back I think the over the seat organizers could be great. My kids are too young and it would be one more thing for me to clean up.

4. Also assign certain toys for the car only. I don’t let my daughter pack other toys to the car. We have some that stay in there for car rides.

5. Vacuum and wipe down your car out each week. There are not many things that make me as happy as a clean car!

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