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Back to school Organization Tips

Summer is definitely my favorite season so I have a love-hate relationship with it. I love the fun summer activities and letting the kids stay up later but I am REALLY starting to miss our routine. I am slowly starting to prep for back to school (or in our case Pre-School). Here are a few of my tips for getting ready for back to school:

Clean out your pantry. A clean organized pantry will make packing lunches that much easier. If you need help getting your pantry under control, check out our Afternoon DIY Service.

Go through your kid’s closet to see what still fits and is in good condition. Remove anything that doesn’t fit (and consider consigning at Lil Angels Attic’s Fall Sale). This clean up process will assist you in spending less time looking for an outfit before school each morning.

Create a place in your child’s room to layout 5 outfits each week. They can pick which one they want to wear each day but you still have control over what they are wearing. (You also know that it is clean and fits!)

Create a homework station. As you are buying back to school supplies, grab a few duplicates to keep at home in a caddy that is easy to access during homework time. Having all of the kids supplies in one place will also help reduce distractions.

Clean up your command center. Back to school means more activities, more time management and more reason to get ORGANIZED.

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