Activities with kids

How are you doing friend? Can I be honest with you? This is hard. The days are long and I am pretty exhausted. Entertaining a 1 and 3 year old, working, cooking and trying to keep the house halfway clean is taking its toll. So if you feel the same way you are not alone. This is hard…. but I truly think God is going to do big things out of this. So hang in there. 

Now that the reality has set in that we may be doing this for a few more weeks, I wanted to give you some ideas to keep your kiddos busy. I will tell you that I have not had a ton of energy to look for creative ideas, so I have been guiding the kids to use their imagination more. I may give them a scenario or a handful of supplies and let them get to work. It has been really fun watching their little brains work and much less stress on me to keep coming up with creative activities. But obviously that won’t keep them busy all day, so here are a few of my go tos….