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5 Mistakes People Make When Organizing

So often we get asked if we just work with hoarders, and my answer is no. Almost all of our clients are your typical family just trying to balance work, home, and kids. Most of them have all attempted to organize themselves at one point and have left feeling like one of those Pinterest fail pictures.

Here are the most common mistakes when others try to organize on their own:

Start without a plan.

Just like we would with a consultation, start by assessing your situation. Get a game plan together whether it is getting kids out of the house or scheduling a pickup to be donated. So often people jump in and are not able to finish the project because they had not planned ahead. Then they are left with a bigger mess than when they started.

Take on too much at once.

Organizing is hard work mentally and physically. When you take on a huge project you will most like leave feeling overwhelmed or defeated.  I recommend picking a drawer, corner, or a stack to start with. Aim for small victories and you will be more likely to succeed.

Not buying the right kind of bins.

Buying bins can be tricky. You want to ideally use bins that are right for the space and the items you plan to put in them. Buying too large or too small of bins can leave no better off. Start decluttering and then purchase the supplies you need.

Making your categories too specific.

Getting too specific doesn’t allow you to adjust your space as your interest or lifestyle changes. For example, labeling a toy bin “Farm animals” verse “Animals”. In 6 months your kids may be into dinosaurs and not that bin is wasted space. But if you label them animals then you can start adding new toys in there and slowing pull out the ones they no longer love. Being more broad helps you give more items a home. But be careful not to go to board like just labeling “toys”.

Maintain the new space.

The organizing process is not a one and done. Just like exercising and eating well you have to continue to work at it. Every week things are coming into your home, so every week items should be leaving. Continue to make small changes and you will make a huge impact in your home.

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