Why you should Stage your Home

Your home is your #1 asset, so when it comes to selling it you want to make sure you are marketing it the right way. Staging is a marketing tool that should be used when listing your home. By neutralizing your home and decluttering it could help you get top dollar and reduce the amount of time on the market.

What Staging will Accomplish

Helps you get top dollar

The National Realtor Association stated in 2015 Profile of Home Staging that 37% of realtors felt that staged homes can make up to 5% more than un-staged homes and 22% of realtors think that it increases your home value by 10%. That is a lot money that could go towards your next home.

If you are unsure if it is worth it to you to hire a home stagers, check out the RESA Home Staging Calculator to break out the cost of home staging.

Sell your home faster

According to the Real Estate Staging Association, sellers typically sell their homes three times faster than someone who does not stage their home.

In the competitive market of real estate, bringing in a stager will provide an unbiased opinion to enhance your homes visually. The stager will start by making suggestions on ways to neutralize your home, so the potential buyer could see themselves living there. It can be difficult to picture your family in the house when there is a large family portrait over the firep