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Why you should Stage your Home

Your home is your #1 asset, so when it comes to selling it you want to make sure you are marketing it the right way. Staging is a marketing tool that should be used when listing your home. By neutralizing your home and decluttering it could help you get top dollar and reduce the amount of time on the market.

What Staging will Accomplish

Helps you get top dollar

The National Realtor Association stated in 2015 Profile of Home Staging that 37% of realtors felt that staged homes can make up to 5% more than un-staged homes and 22% of realtors think that it increases your home value by 10%. That is a lot money that could go towards your next home.

If you are unsure if it is worth it to you to hire a home stagers, check out the RESA Home Staging Calculator to break out the cost of home staging.

Sell your home faster

According to the Real Estate Staging Association, sellers typically sell their homes three times faster than someone who does not stage their home.

In the competitive market of real estate, bringing in a stager will provide an unbiased opinion to enhance your homes visually. The stager will start by making suggestions on ways to neutralize your home, so the potential buyer could see themselves living there. It can be difficult to picture your family in the house when there is a large family portrait over the fireplace. Instead consider replacing it with artwork.

Also having a certain decorating theme could negatively impact the buyers opinion on the home. You only have one chance to make a great first impression.

Get an early start on packing

As part of preparing of the staging process, you will most likely declutter. By removing unnecessary items will not cover up all your home’s flaws but accentuates it best features, such as available storage or square footage of living space. You can neatly store those boxes in the corner of the garage or maybe it would be worth it to rent a storage unit for a few months.

So why should you hire a stager?

In an article “Is Professional Home Staging Worth The Cost?” by Investopedia, I love how they explain the purpose of home staging.

Buyers’ realtors reported that 81% of their clients felt that staging helped them to imagine the property they were viewing as a future home, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) “2015 Profile of Home Staging.” That is exactly what good staging does. It’s “a form of visual merchandising that draws on some of the fundamentals of interior design,” according to Gordon Roberts, a broker with Sotheby’s International Realty. “The object of staging is to flatter the property but not be too obvious about it, like being dressed without drawing particular attention to what you’re wearing.” Read more: Is Professional Home Staging Worth The Cost? | Investopedia Follow us: Investopedia on Facebook

Staging does not garuntee that you will make more money or sell your house faster but majority of the time it will have a positive impact on yoru selling experience.

If you have more questions on home staging I would love to schedule a consultation with you.

Do great things today!


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